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Examination Rules  

Pre Mid Examination : in July
Mid  Examination : in September

Post Mid in December

Annual Examination in February

Promotion Rules

1. While awarding promotion to a higher class, the following weightage shall be given upto VIII:

* Term 1 (Pre Mid + Mid Term)
* Term 2 (Post Mid + Annual Exam)

* Average of Term 1 and Term 2 

2. For Sr.Sec. classes the student’s rank shall be determined on the basis of his/ her total marks in all the tests and examinations.

3. For promotion, a 40% aggregate is compulsory. A supplementary examination (only for very genuine cases) may be held in April.

4. Only with an attendance of 75% a student is entitled to take the Annual Examination or the CBSE examination.

Promotion to Higher Class

* Every student is required to get a qualifying grade D or above in all the subjects excluding 6 the additional subject as per scheme of student for the purpose of promotion to next class.

* If a student fails to obtain qualifying grade D in one or more subjects,  he/ she will be required to give improvement test.

* It is mandatory to appear in  Pre Mid Examination , Mid  Examination , Post Mid and Annual Examination  during the academic year.

Parent-Teacher Meet

In order to establish a meaningful relationship between the school and the parents, meetings are held on the last day of every month to discuss the progress of each student.

Personal Life

The school maintains an individual file for all its children to have a systematic record for the academic as well as co-curricular progress and achievement.

Identity Card

An identity card bearing a stamp size photograph and the address of the students will remain in his/ her custody all the time.