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School Co-Curriculum  

House System

To create an atmosphere of healthy completion and tem spirit, most of the school activities are governed by House-System. Inter House Competitions are held regularly.

Blossoming of Inhibited Talents

We expose the child to hobbies like reading, sketching, singing, dancing, public speaking and gardening and ensure that discipline becomes a second nature of the child. Individual and consistent monitoring of every student enables the teacher to recognize the field in which a particular child can excel. Children with similar interests and inclinations are grouped together and then the teachers help them to nurse and cultivate their talents. They are also trained in yoga, Martial Arts and Music by experts.

Educational Tours

The schools plans picnics and educational tours for the students. They are taken to Historical places, Museums, Factories, Research Institutions etc. to give them a first hand knowledge.


An Art & Craft Exhibition, Subject Wise Exhibition and Book Fair are held every year during the Children Day.